Media Registration

Media registration are reserved for major printed & digital publications, bloggers and analysts currently publishing in the automotive & apparel lifestyle industries.


Additional Requirements For Media Pass to be Considered

You may be qualified if you have one of the three following:

1. Proof of place of work related to publication field. Use official company e-mail address.

2. Proof of any previous publication work, digital or printed.

3. Social Media Accounts with more than 5,000 followers, or proof of more than 15,000 digital impressions per post.

Freelance social media accounts or photographers capturing content for personal collection does not qualify as a media guest. 


Please note: Submitting a media inquiry does not mean you are registered for a media pass. Only after we have reviewed your submitted info and followed up confirming your registration will you be registered for a complimentary media pass for the event.

Please e-mail us at with aforementioned requirements to be considered for a media credential.