Japan 2018

"Dopest car show in the nation"

International Automotive Gathering. Registration now open.


Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
10 AM - 4 PM


Port Messe, Nagoya
〒455-0848 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Minato Ward, Kinjofuto, 2 Chome−2
ポートメッセ名古屋 1号館展示場

Admission & Registration

General Admission

¥2,000 each person.
Admission available at venue's box office during the day of the event, from 10 am to 4 pm.

「当日一般入場券」は5月3日 朝9時より 
当日一般入場券は 2000円(税込み)(中学生以下は無料)

VIP Admission

チケットぴあ にて VIP チケットを 4月1日より 限定発売させて頂きます。
今年も 200枚限りと させて頂きます。

200個限定 WFJP Pinバッジ を 進呈します。

Vehicle Registration

The registration process includes a screening procedure, which is a principal that Wekfest has upheld since its founding year of 2009. This process ensures our event is highlighted by individuals and vendors who promote a general practice of functionality, form, authenticated goods, and a positive ethical contribution to the car community.




Our commitment to ensuring the car community receives a commonplace for positive unification is aligned by the vendors who support the same principals and ethical guidelines. Their contribution is one of the Wekfest tour’s main essential feature in curating a specific vision for a sustainable future. Our vendors are chosen carefully by review of their business practices and behavior, to align our philosophies in the overall selective process.



Overview & Features

Since 2008, Wekfest has specialize in bringing a collective group of enthusiasts together to display and share their common passion for the aftermarket automotive world. In 2014, this U.S. based event introduced its format to Japan, making Wekfest an international gathering spreading over two countries and nine cities.
This year’s event will feature:
350+ pre-screened European, Japanese, and Domestic aftermarket builds.
50+ vendors consisting automotive and lifestyle brands.
Event coverage from major automotive publications in Japan, United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand & more.
Local + international media and invited industry guests.
WEKFESTツアー2018年は 10年目を迎えハワイ オアフ島を皮切りにスタートを切ります。2008年以来 WEKFESTは熱狂的なカーガイを集め カーガイにとって最高の時間を共有することに
今年もまた 350台以上のユーロ、日本車、ドメスティックカー
50ブース以上の 自動車、ライフスタイルを主張する ベンダーブース
メジャーサイトからのイベント カバレッジ、そして世界中からのメディアを招待し開催します。

Exclusive Selection

All exhibitors who wish to display will participate in a screening process conducted by Wekfest USA as the means of quality control. The purpose is to ensure our events feature vehicles which exemplifies a higher standard through authenticity, purpose, functionality, and character.

展示を希望して頂ける出展者は 全て審査制とし 真正性のあるWEKFEST USA側の審査を受けて頂きます。
高い基準を特色とするWEKFEST の方向性にご理解をよろしくお願いします。

The Chosen Few

With over 350 vehicles on display, we offer over 50+ awards for various makes and categories to properly honor the leaders of our community. Some of our awards include:

Car of The Festival (Best of Show)
Restomod of The Festival (New for 2018)
GTVIP of The Festival
Craftsmanship Award
Nostalgic Car of The Festival (Pre-90’s)
Euro Car of The Festival
Domestic of The Festival
Import of The Festival
Crew of The Festival
Best Engineered

Local Network & Beyond

Japan is one of ten exclusive annual destinations for the Wekfest international tour. Other cities include Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco Bay, West Palm Beach, Seattle, New York, Houston and Honolulu. Our focus is to expand and create exposure for automotive purists by global reach. At each Wekfest event, you will find spectators and exhibitors from local communities, as well as those from other parts of the world.

他の都市は ロサンゼルス、シカゴ、サンフランシスコ(ベイアリア)、パームビーチ(マイアミ)、シアトル、ニューヨーク、ヒューストン(テキサス)、そしてホノルル(ハワイ)です。
各地に広がるWEKFESTイベントでは 世界の他の地域と同様に、各地域での観客や出展者とのコミュニティーを
作って頂ける環境を ご提供させて頂いております。

Register now as a exhibiting vehiclevendor, or media guest, to be a part of our process.

E-mail: info@wekfest.jp

Tel: +81 721 62 3472

Listed by Super Street Magazine as the best car show in the nation.

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